A Look At Electric and Hybrid Cars


Electric Or Hybrid: What Should You Buy

There are many options when it comes to vehicles selection. And Hybrids are a growing market. But there again you have many options for you to consider. The two major options in this category are full hybrids and electrical vehicles. But what is the difference.

What is a Hybrid

A hybrid uses two power sources to power the vehicle. Gives you great gas mileage and you can drive into any gas station and keep going. But it still has a carbon foot print. Also your maintenance is just like a normal car. Oil changes and spark-plugs are a part of that. But the major pro to this system is that you can drive as long as you keep gas in it.

What is an all Electric

An EV or all Electric car is just now gaining a foot hold in this market. You can charge them at your home with a standard plug in or you can get a fast charger installed at your home. Also many stores offer charging places for you to park at up near the doors. You will never have to go to a gas station for fuel again. And never worry about oil changes or replacing spark plugs again. But your range is limited. You have to find a place to charge your vehicle. But for the most part for daily driving you are good with one charge.

What Dose this all Mean

When looking at your options in this market its good to do your research. Everything comes down to what you need in a vehicle. For a sales man who drives all day a hybrid would be a great car. But you would not like a EV because of all the charging you have to do.
For some one who drives short distances to work and doesn't want to stop at a gas station an EV would be great for you.
When it comes to making your decision you need to do your research. Not all hybrids and EV are made the same. Everyone has its own pros and cons. Also all of them have their own style. SO find the one that best fits into your life. You will not be disappointed with performance of the hybrid or EV select.
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