A look at Certified Pre-Owned


The Best New Cars Make The Best Used Cars

And it only gets better when you buy a certified used car. The best part of any certified pre-owned vehicle is that it is backed not by the dealer but by the manufacturer themselves. A certified pre-owned vehicle is brought back like new condition in the inspection process. Many manufacturers put a vehicle that is to be certified through a rigorous inspection. If there is anything not in line with the standards of the inspection the vehicle will not be certified.

The Benefits of a CPO

Several people are discovering the benefits of a certified pre-owned vehicle. Some of the benefits are:

  1. Extended Warranty- every CPO comes with a warranty that are backed by the manufacturers. At every dealership the manufacturers is represented you can redeem your warranty.

  2. Better Finance Rates- In many cases you can receive great finance rates, better then on a normal used cars.

  3. Like New Condition- Every CPO has been painstaking brought back to like new condition. There is no excess ware on the inside or outside of the vehicle.

  4. 24-hour Roadside Assistance- Many CPO's come with this nice feature. Anywhere in the states you will have that backing.

  5. Vehicle History Report- You will receive one when you purchase the CPO vehicle, just one more step to insure you are getting an amazing vehicle.

Not All The Same

Keep in mind that not all CPO's are the same. You will need to do your research. All the information you are looking for is online. Go to the manufactures site to get the correct information. Also talk to a dealer about the certified plan. Many manufactures required the staff at the dealership to be trained in the certified plan. From sales to service they are all trained in how to recondition them and present them to you.
Shopping for a car can be difficult and a lot of people dread looking for a new car. But I would recommend doing your research in to Certified Pro-Owned.
Michiana Auto Mall brings the best Certified Pro-owned vehicles in the area all together for you to look over. Do you research and figure out what it is you are looking for. And if you choose to go forward with a CPO look at all Michiana Auto Mall has to offer you in the way of Certified Pre-Owned.
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